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Medina is Ready, First Kloter of Hajj Departure on 10 September 2013
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The Government will dispatch the first group flew (kloter I) of Hajj 1434 H/2013 M to Saudi Arabia on next Tuesday (10/9). The first kloter of Hajj Candidates will immediately dispatch to Medina first in order to conduct worship Arba'in.

"To welcome the arrival of the first group, Medina is ready 100 percent," Director General of Hajj and Umrah (PHU) Anggito Abhimanyu said in Jakarta, Tuesday (3/9) night.

Anggito a visit to Saudi Arabia to provide training for seasonal workers (temus). In addition, Anggito’s visit also to finalize the contract housing in Makah, finalizing contracts with Muassassah, coordination and preparation of the PPIH of Saudi Arabia, as well as finalization of  preparations in the Special Sector of the Grand Mosque (Masjidil Haram).

Anggito explained that in general the last preparatory organizing of Hajj 1434H in Makkah was 95 percent, except temus training and housing contract amendment, "Anggito also explained that negotiations or boarding house in Makah was 80 percent. This process is still ongoing and is expected to be completed.

Masjidil Haram Safe Condition

On that occasion, the Director General of PHU, the Ministry of Religious, Anggito Abhimanyu ensure the conditions of Masjidil Haram which is under renovation is safe for Indonesian pilgrims that elderly and in a wheelchair.

The Saudi Arabian government has set up temporary Tawaf facilities for elderly pilgrims and wheelchair users pilgrims, in connection with the development process which is conducted in the Grand Mosque (Masjidil Haram).

Related to the extremely hot weather conditions in Saudi Arabia that reached above 40 degrees Celsius, Anggito advised the pilgrims constantly maintain the health. "Follow all instructions of the officers," he said.

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