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July 1st, All BLSM Should Be Channeled Already. Transportation Tariff Increase Not Allow More than 15 Percent
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Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Rajasa, Monday (24/6) said, the government expects on July 1st, 2013 all cities/districts in Indonesia has disbursed the Society Temporary Direct Aid (BLSM), which is one of the social protection programs in facing price adjustment of fuel (BBM) subsidy.

He mentioned until Saturday (22/6), PT Pos Indonesia has been channeled BLSM in 14 cities. "From our observation, the submission Coupon Social Protection (PPP) for taking BLMS, this time much more orderly than in 2005 and 2008. Why, because they were told the hour. And who took those holding BLSM cards are eligible," Hatta said after attending the inauguration of the Constitutional Court at the State Palace, Jakarta.  

According to Hatta, If it's still not on target cases, it may be very small, so that the expected 15.5 million poor households will receive the coupon as expected.

As known, the social protection coupon is also used to take BLSM, as well as a coupon to receive Rice for the Poor (Raskin), Family Hope Program (PKH), and Poor Students Assistance (BSM).

Transportation Rates 

On that occasion, Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa also urged the mass media, to care for and monitor the behavior of prices speculative of basic needs related to the subsidized fuel price increase that effective from Saturday (22/6) ago.

Hatta also expects to transport entrepreneurs, in order to raise transportation fares are not unduly burdensome to society. "Of course there is a reasonable count for the adjustment. Thing what we need to take care in order not cause an excessive increase." Hatta said.

Minister of Transport, Mangindaan in the same place said that the government has set a maximum rate increase of 15 percent from current rates.

He added that the increase in public transport fares only apply to commercial transport such as bus and ferry transport between cities. Meanwhile, subsidized transport fares will not rise.

According Mangindaan, the government provides public transport fare increase limit of 10-15 percent. According to him, the government understands the disquiet of transportation entrepreneurs face rising fuel prices. However, the government cannot meet the demands of employers who request transportation rate increases to over 20 percent. (WID/ES)