Selasa, 17 April 2012 - 16:08 WIB
Kiwi Prime Minister welcomes SBYs offer to accelarate RI-NZ trade and investment in next 15 years
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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received the premier visit of second time elected Kiwi Prime Minister, the Right Honorable John Key on the morning of Tuesday, April 15th in the Independence Palace.

The two leaders were witness to the signing ceremony of Labour Cooperation, Environmental Cooperation, Agricultural Cooperation and also Geothermal cooperation.

Both leaders hoped that more cooperation and partnership could be achieved between Indonesia and New Zealand, especially given that the current levels of trade and investment were modest and there were vast opportunities to explore greater economic and non economic cooperation.

On trade,  President SBY saw the opportunity to maximise the competative advantage of both countries. Indonesia's large population, growing middle income class and accelerating economy should be seen by NZ as a source for greater partnership, business cooperation and a stake for future and long term investments.

Speaking on steak, and the growing demand for Kiwi meats by more and more Indonesian, President SBY encouraged further cooperation in animal husbandry, where NZ cattle may be grazed in Indonesian soil as a means to ensure long term supply of Kiwi meat.

A suggestion was made so that bilateral trade could reach 1% of GDP. But PM Key highlighted that Indonesia could be like China in trade worth with NZ in the long term, currently enjoying $16 billion per annum.

Particularly in promoting NZ involvement in the national development agenda through "the Masterplan", SBY encouraged NZ to participate  in corridor six (development of Papua and the Moloca's").

Both leaders also discussed the close attention Indonesia and NZ place on their Melanesian brothers, where in Indonesia possesed 12 million Melanesian brothers or 6 times the number in the Pacific. Hence Indonesia welcomed NZs effort to faciliate Indonesia's engagement at the Pacific Island Forum and the South West Pacific Dialog.

Both countries also enjoyed close cooperation in regional forums such as ASEAN Plus, East Asia Forum and the APEC, and especially the Bali Process and the Bali Democracy Forum. PM Key and President SBY looked forward to working closer together in various forums, especially APEC 2013 where Indonesia would be chairman.  Both countries will also support each other in UN forums, including at the UN Security Council.

President Yudhoyono would conclude the State Visit of PM Key with a State Banquet accompanied with cultural performance at the State Palace at 1930 hours.