Kamis, 19 Juli 2012 - 19:30 WIB
SBY: Globally- Syrian People Deserve Peace in Ramadhan; Regionally- RI Envoy to ASEAN Leaders to Reach 6 Point Joint Ministerial Statement on South China Sea.
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On the 19th July 2012, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono delivered his views on the international situation during the Plenary Cabinet Meeting at the Presidential Office, specifically on the situation in Syria and also an update on ASEAN Summit preparation. A formal statement on Syria was expected later in the day.

#Cease fire needed for the Syrian People.

On the situation in Syria, President SBY deplored the continued loss of lives of innocent civilians, particularly women and children.  It was even more severe recalling that the Muslim world was merely days away from the holy month of Ramadhan, when their  Syrian brothers and sisters were locked in civil conflict.  With this he feared that the international community will be held responsible for its slow response to this humanitarian crisis, and the role of the United Nations, namely the United Nations Security Council.  The countries locked in negotiations on international peace need to be more innovative in enforcing peace to prevent greater casualties and should not be too focused on regime change.

With this, President SBY will make an official press announcement on Indonesia's views on how the humanitarian crisis could be averted into becoming a potential humanitarian tragedy. This includes moving from peace keeping efforts into peace making initiaves.

#A Renewed Joint Communique for ASEAN Ministers on South China Sea

With a strong mandate by President SBY, Indonesian Foreign Minister conducted shuttle diplomacy to five ASEAN countries in 3 days to obtain a common agreement on how the regional forum could produce a joint statement on the South China Sea.

With this effort of Indonesian Good Offices, a drafts 6-Point Joint Ministerial Statement has been Drafted and seek the approval of all countries.

The six principles on the South China Sea issue included efforts in avoiding use of force amid the disputes, the resolution of the conflicts in accordance with international laws and the early signing of a legally-binding “code of conduct” aimed at preventing any major armed conflict in the those territories.

This proposal was seen as generally agreable by most ASEAN countries.

#Continue its active role in global and regional affairs.

The effort of Indonesia in achieving the joint agreement was consistent with the nation,  and also member states of ASEAN, to maintain the unity of the 10 member country regional forum, especially as the fulcrum for other regional forums, such as the ASEAN+1, ASEAN+3, the ARF and the East Asia Forum.

As  President SBY stated, Indonesia will continue its part in establishing global stability, security and prosperity, and will provide its positive contribution in global affairs as mandated by the Indonesian Constitution.