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President SBY Delivers State Address to Commemorate 67 Years of Independence with a strong emphasis on RI's new international standing
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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono delivered a one hour and three minute state address before the House of Parliament in Senayan on the 16th August 2012. He reminded that Indonesia had achieved a lot since it embarked on a reform and transformation process almost 15 years ago, with the current economy standing being strong despite global economic challenges and regional flash points. 

As former Chair of ASEAN, he expressed his governments close attention to the objectives of the group, despite a number of regional issues.

"Our country is strongly committed and continuously contribute to ensure the implementation of various agreements reached by ASEAN and the East Asia Summit. We must materialize what have been agreed upon during Indonesia’s chairmanship in 2011. The realisation of the ASEAN Community by 2015 constitutes an important aspiration that has become our priority in the Southeast Asian region towards one vision, one identity, and one community"

On Myanmar, President SBY encouraged the government to continue its democratization process and noted the difficult situation of communal conflict.

"As we continuously support the democratization and “Nation Building” in Myanmar, in particular, we pay serious attention to the settlement of the humanitarian issue of the Rohingya ethnic community in Myanmar. With good intentions, I have sent a letter to President Thein Sein and urged the issue that originated from an inter-communal conflict be settled speedily, wisely and accurately" SBY stated.

On the South China Sea issue, SBY also urged the need for closer dialogue on the matter.

"We also continue to promote the cohesiveness and central role of ASEAN in facing various challenges in its vicinity, including the developments related to the South China Sea. Therefore, through this forum I wish to express my gratitude to the ASEAN Leaders for the support and agreement in giving priority for the conclusion of the code of conduct in the South China Sea. With the code of conduct that we discussed in ASEAN and East Asia Summit in Bali in 2011, we will be able to maintain stability, security and order in the South China Sea" he remarked.

On the situation in the Middle East, President SBY also registered Indonesia's position and active role to promote reconciliation and foster peace.

"We follow attentively the alarming political and security developments in the Middle East region. In response to the developments taking place in Palestine, Indonesia consistently and as a matter of principle, always strives for the rights of the Palestinian nation to be independent and sovereign. We also pay attention to the developments in Syria. Naturally, we do not wish to see human tragedy continue unabatted.  On various occasions, to diffuse the tension in Syria, we have proposed a new UN mandate under Chapter 7, or Chapter 6 plus, of the UN Charter that provides for the authority to immediately halt the conflict and loss of life without debating the issue concerning the transfer of power in Syria. Indonesia deeply regrets the absence of agreements in the UN Security Council that has sparked continuous internal conflict and violence claiming more lives in Syria" SBY reminded.

The President also informed the house that Indonesia's international standing has far evolved since 1998, not only long has the days passed since the the IMF dictate economic policy, but reminded that a few weeks ago the IMF visited Jakarta to seek the countries views to resist and recover from Indonesia. 

"We are more often asked to provide our opinions; “What does Indonesia think?” over a number of world issues. This proves that as an independent and sovereign nation, we can stand tall in the international arena" SBY pointed out.

In Multilateral forums, President SBY highlighted Indonesia's role in the G20, consistently lending RI's support to the collective effort to achieve a global growth that is more robust, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable, while defending the  interests of developing countries. Through the United Nations, Indonesia had promoted the need to address post-2015 development challenges,  and welcomed the invitation by the UNSG to join Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the President of Liberia as Co-Chairs of the UN High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on Post-2015 Development Agenda.

On the national front, the President committed to continuing the quest for greater development in education effectiveness, health services, infrastructure development and also empowering the regional governments.  He also highlighted six important and actual issues that need greater attention, namely  Corruption Eradication;  Bureaucratic Reform and Good Governance; Violence and Social Clash; Investment Climate and Law Certainty; Infrastructure Development; and Fiscal Policy in facing the global economic crisis.

Prior to concluding, President SBY encouraged all to continue the reform process and momentum to make Indonesia more united and more resilient.  This meant democracy with rule of law.

"We must have a firm belief that we are accelerating the consolidation of democracy. Without a strong democracy --which is sustained by the upholding of law and justice-- morality and political ethics will be destroyed. When the law is not upheld and our democracy is fragile, politics will instead take a divergent road.  Consequently, in democracy we have to enhance the values of tolerance, diversity, and mutual respect. This is the essence of the principle of coexistence in diversity, and the principle of freedom within the frame of tolerance" SBY reiterated.

The President will deliver the State Address on the Government Budget on the evening of the 16th.