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President SBY Shares Seven Principles for Multicultural Democracy
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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 25th of November delivered a keynote address at the conclusion of the fourth World Peace Forum at the Bogor Palace, West Java. Chaired by Muhammadiyah Chief, Prof. Din Samsuddin and Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew of the Cheng Ho Multicultural and Education Trust Malaysia, and the Centre for Dialogue and Cooperation Among Civilizations (CDCC), this years theme was Consolidating Multicultural Democracy.

In his remarks President SBY highlighted the outcome of his trip to ASEAN Summits and East Asia Summit and also the D8 Summit, where he urged for dialog on the South China Sea Issue, collaboration on the issue of Rohingya, an appeal to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip, and offering Indonesia's good offices to end the humanitarian tragedy and create a lasting peace in Syria.

#The Seven Principles for Global Democracy

President SBY also highlighted the seven imperatives and principles necessary for multicultural democracy to flourish, namely:

   a.   Every actor must be will to accept difference, including differences originating from cultural identity, and willing to live together in peace and harmony within such differences
   b.  In multicultural democracy, although we accept the aspirations and views of the majority, and yet the views and hopes of the minority cannot be ignored from cultural identity, within the truest form of balance and justice
   c.  Every party must develop a culture of resolving different views and even conflicting views in a peaceful and civilised manner, to prevent and avoid violence and being uncivilised.
   d.  The use of rights and freedoms cannot offend, harass and defame other values and symbols of society. Indonesia rejects the use of freedom to defame any religions.
   e.  Community and political leaders must place precedence the interest of the nation and the common good. They mus be just, guide, love and promote all layers of community to be united.
   f.  To safeguard the tranquility, stability and sustainability of multicultural democracy, it is greatly needed to have an attitude, actions, and exemplary nature of political and community leaders that represent differing identities, so as to resolve differences in brotherly manner, tolerant, dignified manner.
   g.  These six code of conducts are valid worldwide. And the world needs a just democracy also, not only dominated by the strong. Military might must be replaced by diplomacy.  Violence in the name of religions, including terrorism mus be prevented. And the world must work hard to eradicate the root causes and motives for conflict and terrorism.

"These seven principles and imperatives  I would like to contribute in this forum, and also to my friendly states" SBY stated.

#Indonesia's Three Challenge (Opportunity) for Sustained Democracy

Specifically for Indonesia, SBY stated that the young democracy with 240 million people and great diversity and a young democracy faced three main challenges in maintaining multicultural democracy. They were the fact that Indonesia's democracy namely:

   1.  was still in the phase of being consolidated;
   2.  That variety of identities and also regional autonomy had made democracy more complex; and
   3.   The presence of multi party system in democracy made the political process more complex and longer in decision making process.

The President also urged for global peace to prevail especially in addressing the issue of Gaza Strip, Syria and the interest of the ummah and humanity. (aos)