Learning from Prophet Muhammad's Leadership, President SBY Commemorates Maulud Nabi at Istana Negara Jakarta

28 January 2013 oleh desk informasi

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and First Lady Madam Ani Bambang Yudhoyono celebrated Maulud Nabi at the Istana Negara Presidential Palace in Jakarta, attended by Vice President Boediono and Madame Herawatie Boediono and members of the Cabinet.

Attending the annual celebration were also scholars, civil society representatives and especially the Diplomatic corps, namely  Ambassadors from Islamic states in Jakarta, including Bangladesh, Yemen, Azerbaizan, Syria, Qatar, Oman and representatives from Pakistan, Libya, Arab Emirates.

"The commemoration of Maulid Nabi that we hold annually, be it at the State Palace or other places nationwide, is part of our effort to contemplate the sacred values, to bring present again the good examples of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to our daily living, while celebrating with Islamic Syiar in our beloved country" SBY stated.

The event was filled with Quranic recitals by Indonesia's tilawatul Quran winners and also a sermon by Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Mukri, Dean of the IAIN Raden Intan Bandar Lampung which underline the teachings of Prophet Muhammad on his leadership and strong awareness of a "sense of crisis" and also "sense of achievement".

In his remarks, President SBY also highlighted two important approaches of Prophet Muhammads leadership.

Firstly, was that the Prophet (PBUH) always lead by example.

Secondly, was that the Prophet (PBUH), was perseverant and firm to oppose destructive behaviours, or deeds that would incite destructiveness.

Therefore on this special day, President SBY called on all Indonesians to do good through his message:

"As your Umaaroh (Your leader) currently mandated to lead this nation, I wish to invite all the people of Indonesia, especially to all the leaders nation-wide, to conduct the following deeds:

"That if we wish our nation to be harmonious and united, and fueled with a sense of tolerance, let us provide a clear and real example so that all of this may be achieved;

"If we want our community to avoid acts of horizontal violence and communal conflict, let us provide examples that truly prevent such bad deeds, and not conversely, allow breathing room to incite more of such activities;

"If we truly wish the law in our country to be upheld, and corruption be prevented and eradicated, then let us provide examples and strive even harder so that such targets may be achieved;

"If we want radicalisme and extremism to not develop in our country, which as a result would make our communities restless, let us lead by example so that such bad deeds do not occur;

"If we want our country to not be run by the abuse of power, we all, that hold such power, must prevent ourselves from conducting abuse of such authority and power;

"If we want to re-awaken loyalty and friendship in our community, let us become an example as a person that cares, and support our brothers and sisters that need that support;

"And, if we want to be freed from fitnah (slander) and ill-treatment, let us distance our-selves from such unworthy behaviour, such as speaking ill of our friends, and especially acts slanders"

The President concluded with a call to all Indonesians to support their fellow country person in need of assistance during times of natural disaster and also to remain vigilant as the general elections of 2014 approach(aos)