SBY Receives Muslim Leaders, Bankers and Former Generals to Review Indonesian Achievements Nationally and Globally

15 March 2013 oleh DESKINFO

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono met with leaders from 13 Islamic civil society organizations (CSOs) under the banner of Institution for the Friendship of Indonesian Islamic CSOs (LPOI) in the Presidential Office, Thursday (14/3) at 16.30 WIB.  Earlier in the week, he had also received visits from Bankers Associations (Perbanas), and former military Generals upon returning from his Berlin-Budapest Trip.  In all these meetings where discussions on Indonesia's role in the international affairs and the nations resilience to global shocks and continued reforms and transformation process.

During the occasion, President SBY explained the result of Indonesia’s participation at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit last month. Participants of the summit showed good response towards Indonesia’s display of peaceful coexistence between Islam and democracy. Some even consider Indonesia as a model political system.

“I am not patronizing,” SBY said. “We also encountered many challenges and problems but they still consider us, once again, as example.”

SBY also said that we need to recognize there are still conflicts in Indonesia stemming from religious or ethnic differences. About this, he asked the visitors to not stop aid the people under their capacity.

“We need to be more united, if anything happens we should be able to solve it,” the President added.

Meanwhile head of PBNU Said Aqil Siraj said that the 13 Islamic CSOs are supporting SBY government, regardless of rising political tension. “It means that we are behind the President until 2014,” he explained.

Additionaly, LPOI also delivered points from joint declaration concerning a number of things. In the first point, LPOI requests that there should be no judicial review on death penalty for drug dealers. They also request that more efforst should be put in catching drug dealers, instead of drug users.

In the next point, LPOI asks that there should be no fear of repercussions in enforcing the law. They further ask judges from Tipikor court to process heavy corruption case and deliver appropriate punishment as soon as possible. Political parties are also advised to fire members who are involved in corruption case.


The 13 CSOs that signed LPOI joint declarations are Nahdhatul Ulama, Persis, Al-Irsyad al-Islamiyah, al-Ittihadiyah, Matlaul Anwar, Ar-Rabithah al-Alawiyah, al-Washliyah, Indonesia Islamiyah Da’wa Council (DDII), Syarikat Islam Indonesia, Assosciation of Tionghoa Islam Indonesia (PITI), IKADI, Perti, and Az-Zikra.

A String of Meetings

The meeting with LPOI comes following a string of other meetings. On Monday (11/3) the President met with politicians from Gerindra Party, Prabowo Subianto and Fadli Zon. On Wednesday (13/3) he met with Head of National Bank Association (Perbanas), Sigit Pramono; and seven retired army generals, namely Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, Subagyo HS, Fahrul Rozi, Agus Widjojo, Johny Josephus, Sumardi, and Suaidi Marasabessy.

Amid political rumors nearing the end of SBY’s presidency, visitors have shown appreciations and supports.

“We have to admit that the President has plenty of achievements,” Luhut Panjaitan stated.  Whereas Prabowo highlighted the achievements of the Indonesian Government in freeing itself from the IMF after the 1998 financial crisis.

Meanwhile, Sigit Pramono mentioned that Perbanas fully supports government program, while still adding the need to have to have blueprint for the development of banking sectors. He also stressed the importance of having financial inclusion in Indonesia.

Additionaly, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam said on Thursday (14/3) that the number of request to meet the President increased in the past two years. Request came from both national personage and foreign dignitaries alike.