Countdown to UNHLP-Bali: Finalizing that Roadmap for Post 2015 Development Agenda

18 March 2013 oleh Deskinfo

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will host the last United Nations High Level Panel Meeting in Bali on the 25-27 March 2013.

After meeting three times in New York, London and Monrovia, preceded by a Video Conference in August, the UN High Level Panel Co Chaired by UK Prime Minister Cameron, Liberian President Johnson Sirleaf and Indonesian President SBY will conclude its discussions after extensive discussion amongst members of the UNHLP.  The co chairs were supported by prominent experts in the development agenda, from former presidents and prime ministers, current ministers, and development activist and other distinguished figures from the developing and developed worlds.

During the UNHLP meeting in London, discussions focussed on individual and household needs in pursuing development.  In Monrovia, discussions continued on building national capacity. In Bali it will focus on forging the necessary international cooperation and partnership to end poverty in our lifetime.

As the MDGs will conclude in 2015, after fifteen years of garnering an international momentum to address the development needs of individual countries, the work of the UNHLP would  chart out a roadmap as to how the world would continue pursuing its development agenda for the interest of human kind.

The meeting in Bali would complete the dialog process amongst the panel members so that a report can be drafted and be submitted to the UN Secretary General, where he would launch it in May 2013 to the UN General Assembly.  In September 2013, the member states of the UNGA in its plenary session  is expected to begin reviewing the recommendations of the UNHLP.

To this, Indonesia has had the honor, under 9 months of intense coordination with the UK and Liberia, to Co-Chair and facilitate the discussions amongst experts and stakeholder, so that by 2015, every member state in the United Nations will have a renewed journey in pursuing the global development agenda.

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